23 July 2008

Lautrec-ing for a good drink

We were in Cambodia, on the western coast, playing in the Gulf of Thailand and eating cheap food. We were in Sihanoukville, which appeared to be an enclave for expatriots and for Russian mobsters tourists.

So it seemed like a good place to drink pastis. It's a French anise-flavored liqueur, akin to what I imagined absinthe tasted like, only without the whole bothersome mind-rot thing. It was yellow and becomes cloudy when you cut it with water — and believe me, you'll want to cut it with water. But it was delicious. I had lots more, knowing I'd never be able to find the stuff in the states.

All that changed this year, I guess. And now the The Denver Post is reporting that by year-end, we will have 20-25 brands of absinthe available stateside. Huzzah! Sounds like it's time for us to order a bottle and try my hand at painting like Toulouse-Lautrec. Or at least sit back and watch our Cambodia slide show.

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