10 July 2008

MGM to remake wrong 'Red' movie

Thanks Jeff
The news came out yesterday that MGM has given the green light to a remake of, of all things, "Red Dawn." God help us. Tampa Bay blog The Juice makes better fun of this that I could, over here.

I loved this movie when it came out. Then again, I was 14 when it came out. I tried rewatching it a couple of years ago and saw it in a totally different light — a light that revealed painfully long stretches of "dialog" and "acting." I didn't remember any of that. I remembered Cuban (Soviet?) paratroopers landing in a field in front of a high school. I remembered kids popping out of trap doors in the ground to take down soldiers.

There's always the hope they'll make a better film this time around. (Shyeah, right. If they're gonna remake a crappy '80s film, why couldn't have been something as eye-pleasing as "Red Sonja"?)

As of this morning, you can stream the original "Red Dawn" on Google Video, rightcheer. But really, why would you?

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