29 July 2008

Miley High Club

LifeStyles, the condom manufacturer, is testing the mettle of young teen star Miley Cyrus, who pledged that she will remain a virgin until she marries. Despite her affinity for flashing her bra-covered teenage boobs. Anyways, LifeStyles is putting its money where her pouty-lipped mouth is, offering her $1 million to represent the company.

Hmmm. Wonder what message that would send...

Simulated teen boy thought process:
"I'd better buy some condoms to have on hand for my date with the girl who will (a) never go out with me, and (b) not sleep with me even if I contrived a way to end up alone with her."

Or maybe the condoms are for the hooker that the frustrated kid goes to later. Not sure. Doesn't matter. She's apparently not interested in the contract. (Of course her alter-ego, Hannah Montana, jumped at the chance for the endorsement. But everyone knows she's a slut.)

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