15 July 2008

Oh 'Boy'

I've ranted before about the expanded re-releases of records that offer us too much in an effort to buy new versions of albums we've bought at least once already. Ryan Adams and Lynyrd Skynyrd come to mind first. But next Tuesday, U2 re-releases its first three records, each with a bonus disc (much as it did last year for "The Joshua Tree").

You gotta understand: this is my band. U2 is my Beatles, my Stones. Already I've bought "Boy," and "War" twice — once on vinyl, then on CD. ("October's" a fine record, but I bought it circa 1986, on CD, the first time.) So will this be any different? Will I re-buy again to get added tracks like the studio version of "11 o'clock Tick Tock," and alternate cuts of "I Will Follow," or is it all, ahem, U-2-much?

The "War" and "October" bonus discs are heavily laden with live tracks and alternate mixes of songs on the records — neither of which I give a rip about. The "Boy" release is most tempting. There are a lot of track's I'd never even heard of: "Touch," "Speed of Life," "Another Day." I've spent some time listening to the cuts on imeem.com (where with a free registration you can preview all the tracks) and they're interesting. A cut called "Saturday Night," proves to be an early version of "October's" "Fire" (with completely different lyrics), for instance. Tracks from the uber-rare "U2-Three" record are on there, too.

Go here, register, and give 'em a spin yourownself. Or try the player below. The bonus stuff starts at track 12.
U2 Boy - Deluxe Edition

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