22 July 2008

Oh yeah, the Batman movie

And speaking of Batman, Monday night was my "Dark Knight." So sue me. It was a busy weekend.

The film is fantastic. I don't understand the reviewer* who said there was an extraneous "epilogue." So I was expecting the six false-endings from "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" (or "Get on the boat, Frodo," as we've taken to calling that malady in shorthand). But it wasn't there. I think the reviewer missed something there. That last 20-30 minutes was, arguably, the whole point.

When "Iron Man" came out, I put it at the top of the heap of superhero films to date. It's now second-best (but still the most fun).

*Carrie Rickey at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Here's her review.

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Shannon Dew said...

great film...unrelenting is the word I'd use to describe it...I thought a lot about the Iron Man vs. Dark Knight ranking...Iron Man is lighter and more fun, but Dark Knight is more complete and definitely the better film...not a bad one-two combination...