02 July 2008

Say 'konnichiwa' to my li'l friend

Here's a new video service, called EZTakes, that lets you download movies and burn them to DVD. The prices seem a tad high, considering they're offering mostly left-of-center titles and only a few that you probably know by name ("Super Size Me," "Little Fish").

But never mind that. You can stream lots of them for free, including "One Eyed Jacks," a great revisionist Western, starring the thin version of Marlon Brando, long before Eastwood was doing such. Hitchcock's original "The 39 Steps" is there, as is Wayne Wang's "Dim Sum." And don't overlook "Reefer Madness." There's a bunch of martial arts crap films too.

My two favorite titles, though, are Bela Lugosi's "The Devil Bat" and something called "Mafia Vs. Ninja"!

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