01 July 2008

See shell

I was bummed, at first, when Jenn came home with the groceries. She was bringing shells for comfort-food-style Taco Night. I'd been cutting up the fixin's. But she bought the soft-shell corn tortillas. "I thought that's what you wanted," she said. She was bummed, because she likes the crunchy ones too.

Never fried my own taco shells before, bet I set out to try it. Heated some olive oil and got pretty good at frying, flipping, then frying the other side. (The trick? Hold the taco folded and fry the bottom first to firm up the U-shaped pocket, then fry the two sides.) It was time consuming — one taco at a time — but they were awesome. A little crispy, but not brittle and pointy. Great flavor. In fact, they were the best damned tacos I've ever had.

Jenn agreed, saying, and I quote, "That's the best taco I've ever had."

They even looked awesome. That's one in the photo up there. Give it a try some time. Tonight: leftover tacos!

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