18 July 2008

'Talk' talk

After seeing previous for "Talk To Me," the story of D.C. DJ Petey Greene, for like the last six months of 2007, the movie never appeared. Then I spotted it on a DVD release calendar. Turns out it never went wider than a few theaters.

So was this an art-house movie that never caught on or a film that just wasn't good enough for the big leagues (despite starring Don Cheadle and Cedric the Entertainer)? It took some time to get the answer, because video stores 'round here didn't stock the dang thing. Jenn finally tracked it down at the library, though.

And the answer is, it's neither. It's puzzling that it never saw wider release, since it's very good — if short of great. Apparently the writers played a little loose with the facts. My biggest complaint, though, is his whole rise to fame, from released felon to, eventually, TV talk show star, feels like it happens over the course of a year or so, when it really was a 10-year climb. The film's focus is a bit meandering.

But Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor are great as Greene and Dewey Hughes, respectively. And the soundtrack's phenomenal, loaded with classic '60s and '70s soul and some more obscure cuts, too. So if you find this one in your rental store or in a discount bin, don't be afraid to give it a spin.

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