15 July 2008

That 'Spirit,' yeah, that 'Spirit'

While we're still loosely on the topic of comic books becoming movies, here's a blog that's posted the new trailer for Frank Miller's film "The Spirit" (based on Will Eisner's strip, about a detective who comes back from the dead as the namesake Spirit). As the Film School Rejects guys say, it's too early to tell if this style is forced, but while they're kind of bummed out by the trailer, I think it still shows promise. But then, I'm not the biggest comic book geek around.

Samuel L. Jackson, on the other hand, might be. Anyone else know what L.'s fascination with comics is? Between "Unbreakable," his "Iron Man" cameo, the forthcoming "Avengers" thing, and now this, he's been all over the comic-to-film radar...

Anyways, the movie's out at Christmastime 2008.
"Somewhere tonight out on the street
Somewhere beneath this city's heat
In the eyes of strangers who pass me by
Life is cruel and so unkind"
-- The Alarm, "Spirit of 76"

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