29 July 2008

Waits gain

Here's a roundup of some free music you should check out:

—My buddy Dan saw Tom Waits in concert at the Fox in Atlanta earlier this month. "One of the best shows he's ever done," he said. And he's seen him a number of times. So you can kick yourself* for missing it. Or you can hear it on NPR's Web site, starting today. They're streaming the full, 2-1/2 hour show which features "songs he’s never played outside a studio. The 25-track set includes 'Hold On,' 'All the World is Green' and 'Hoist That Rag,' followed by an encore of 'Anywhere I Lay My Head,' " says NPR. Go here to hear him hack up a lung for the roaring crowd.

—Over at Spin.com, you can download a new cut from Gnashville's Kings of Leon. The song's called "Crawl," and it's off the album "Only by the Night," due out Sept. 23. The cool thing about this is "Crawl" isn't the lead single, so you might not hear it much on yer satellite radio. Grab it here. You gotta give 'em your e-mail address, but whatever. Oh, and here's the Spin story on the Kings Sons of Leon download. Why not give them a click as a little thank-you?
*Not sure why we always suggest doing this. Ever tried actually kicking yourself? It's not easy.

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