16 July 2008

Why the Miami Dolphins will still suck

My homeboys, the Miami Dolphins, have had quarterback problems for all of this decade. They apparently won't end with Josh McCown at the helm, in light of this report.

That's right, gentle readers, the man charged with leading the team made the allegedly conscious decision to hold firewood while his brother swung an axe at him and the wood tried to cut through the wood with a chainsaw. (His brother is a quarterback at a rival Florida NFL team, I should point out. Sibling rivalry run amok?)

I'd say we're lucky the finger's still attached and healing. But are we really?


Anonymous said...

Ah come'on. I admit that McCown is that idiot, but that doesn't mean the Phins will suck this year (not that there aren't other reasons why they'll be sub-500).

McCown is just a place holder anyhow.

At least we now have a plan, and that is very different from the last 5-6 years (unless you want to count the plan of sacrificing everything going forward for the chance to lose in a wild card game).

Brad Barnes said...

Oh, I'm still hoping for the best. This is the cleanest slate, rosterwise, we've had in years. But that also means it's gonna be a tough year, I think...