04 August 2008

Cory Haim, no, Feldman 'news'

So Cory Haim Feldman recently said that he doesn't see a sequel happening to "Stand By Me." Which I didn't even know was in the running over Hollywoodways. Unlike "The Goonies," which I had heard rumor of. (Sorry fans, no plans for that sequel either.)

Maybe he's cooled his jets on this project because "Lost Boys 2" went straight to video.

Yes. That's right. There's a "Lost Boys 2."

Officially, it's "Lost Boys: The Tribe." Here's the trailer, in which Feldman has the best line: "I'm Edgar Frog, surfboard shaper and vampire hunter." Enjoy (?). Oh, and here's the Feldman interview, sadists.

Lost Boys: The Tribe

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