20 August 2008

'Cracked,' not broken

Used to be, "Cracked" was the poor man's "Mad" magazine. I didn't even know "Cracked" was still around, but it is — online at the least. The Web site's really funny, and not in that "What, me worry?" sort of way.

I just browsed a list of the "6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World," which includes Balut, a duck-egg delicacy wherein the egg is fertilized before it's cooked, so there's a little duck in there. Mmmmm? But funnier, to me, was this list of 25 men who look like old lesbians (Bruce Jenner, anyone?).

Good stuff.


Jenn said...

"Cracked, not broken". I like that. It can be my mantra for the week.

Allison Kennedy said...

I was about to say that but you stole my line, girl!
Seriously, when I read the headline I thought about you.
Take care!