03 August 2008

Dusk at Cubist Castle*

We took another shot at the Cubeecrafts this weekend, but this time, instead of me printing it out on the cheap copy paper at work and coloring it in with red pens -- and further risk getting fired -- Jenn and I used actual cardstock and an inkjet color printer.

Oh, the marvels of our modern technology.

Jenn made the smashing Indiana Jones mock-up -- much more enjoyable than in "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." It printed up the idol and revolver, too. Bocce ball boulder not included.

Of course, if she's been smart like me, she would've just made The Rocketeer**...
...or perhaps Iron Man, neither of which has to run from any boulder they can fly over.
*A reference to The Olivia Tremor Control's record, of course.
**Kind of a crappy movie, really. But the guy was cool.

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Maggie&Bandit said...

We wondered what you guys were up to.
It was bath day for us. We think you had more fun.

Troy Heard said...

Dude! The Rocketeer was awesome...what are you thinking?! Plus...Jennifer Connelly...nuff sed!

Brad Barnes said...

Well, it was better than "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow."

Connelly's mighty pretty, alright. Sure wish she could act.