06 August 2008

Goin' home

Like every other music writer who interviewed him, I wrote a story once about how young bluesman Sean Costello was. When I talked to him the first time he was 20 (going on 74), and I thought it was interesting that he was this old soul playing in bars that he otherwise wouldn't have been allowed in.

So, also like everyone else, I was stunned when he died a few months back.

In June, a buddy at work told me to check out the Creative Loafing piece on him. But I never did. I was sort of in denial, I think — maybe because Costello was about a decade younger than me. I dunno. Anyway, I finally read the story, and it is great. I actually hadn't even heard that his OD was accidental, a la Heath Ledger (although with heroin, amphetamine, and cocaine in his system, alongside a prescribed anti-anxiety drug). Check out the story here.

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