28 August 2008

Now that's a case of the runs

Thanks Maggie & Bandit
I can't believe I'm just now posting this crap:

Click here.

See, I'm not just being crass. I'm informing you that a piece of art blew away from its exhibit space in Switzerland, causing all kinds of trouble. It just so happens the name of the giant, inflatable, brown-colored exhibit is "Complex Shit."

Oh, and the artists name is Paul McCartney. Oh wait, that's McCarthy. I got confused because McCartney's being making crap he calls art for years.*
*Excepting last year's "Memory Almost Full," which is pretty good.


Allison Kennedy said...

I just want to know--how did that dog stay put long enough for the artist to draw? :)

Brad Barnes said...

I should make it clear that the image with the blog post is NOT the actual piece of art in question. The work is a giant, inflated... well, just follow the link. I promise it's worth it.

Allison Kennedy said...

Found it. ... Well, Okaaaay ...

cath said...

re: McCartney...coinciding with Linda's death and the rise of the harridan he recently divorced?