26 August 2008

Why does Columbus hate Greece?

Here's an ad that ran in last Thursday's To Do section:

So Columbus is losing a Mediterranean restaurant. But hey, we're gaining a place called La Margarita. And let me also take a huge leap of faith and say that I bet they'll have margarita specials on Wednesday nights!* Oh boy!

Because, you know, we needed another Mexican place, alongside Durango, El Vaquero (3 locations), Locos Amigos, Los Amigos, Viva El Toro, Vallarta, El Carrizo (2 locations), La Nacional, La Mexicana de Columbus, Don Chuchos and El Zapata (2 locations). And those are just the big ones.

On the Greek/Mediterranean side, that leaves us at, I think, negative-three eateries**. Great...
* What is it with every Mexican restaurant here having margarita night on the same night? Wouldn't it be smart counter-programming to try that on, say, Tuesday? Or if they're feeling daring, Thursday?
** OK, two technically. There is Mario's, downtown, and Imbis, up by Columbus Park Crossing. But only one of those*** is good.
*** Imbis.


Maggie&Bandit said...

Where will the staff get a gyro now?
Is that GI-ro or Yeer-O? We've really never been sure.

It's like French or Ranch dressing. It all sounds the same.

Brad Barnes said...

Despite all my bitching, Med. Cafe really had jumped the shark about three years ago. Still, last time Jenna and I tried to go it was slammed...

Troy Heard said...

Great...another Mexican restaurant. Yet downtown doesn't have a Japanese bistro (and the big secret is, Sumo-to-Go-Go's sushi...is imported...from Publix!)

And these Mexican restaurants are CRAP...honestly! I like the dishes at the Cantina...however, I think the most authentic Mexican is Brito's on South Lumpkin Rd. They're the only joint in town that serves chorizo!

MPK said...

Could you send some of the cheap "Mexican" places with Wednesday night specials up here to the North? I'm dying for a $3 margarita. I get to pay $10, and it's really no better...and there's NO cheese dip. You'd think in the land of cheesesteaks, we'd have Mexican cheese dip, but no...no cheese dip and no cheap eats.

My life is so hard. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brad:

Checked out "La Margarita" last night. Had some burritos and an interesting spring-roll-esque creation called a "flauta"... which, of course, is appealing to me, since I play the saxophone. (Guess who?) The owners told me that the Mediterranean Cafe is not gone for good; they're opening up a new location, somewhere else in town, rather soon. Opa!