16 September 2008

By the bye

So tomorrow's my last day working at the Ledger-Enquirer, and, most likely at newspapers. No biggie. I just had a great opportunity come at me. After holy-crap-has- it-really-been-17-years in the field, I'm actually looking forward to a change.

Don't know what'll happen to the blog yet. The Ledger folks are happy to still have it up, so I'll probably keep posting as time permits. But the new boss is going to get full concentration, so I probably won't be posting daily.

I've still got some cool stuff coming: That Rock-afire Explosion story is just holding until they've got the space for it. It was slated for last weekend, but there was something about a hurricane in Texas or something that got in the way. And I'm working on a piece now about celebrities and politics. Fun stuff.

My last pop culture column runs Friday. I was thinking about great album closers for that column, and, even though it didn't end up in the column, I keep going back to "Shangri-La," on ELO's "A New World Record." Not the best song on the album, by a long shot. But Jeff Lynne's lamenting "I'm getting out of love" over and over and over seems to fit right now, as I leave the business that I love. Then the orchestral passage kicks in, resuscitating the theme from Track One ("Tightrope"). And then Lynne's back, his voice floating up from what sounds like a valley below, singing "I wiiii-iii-iiiill return, to Shangri-La."

Don't know if you've read James Hilton's "Lost Horizon," the 1933 book that created the concept of Shangri-La. Or maybe you've seen the Capra movie from '37. Suffice to say that Shangri-La's a paradise in the middle of the frozen Himalayas — a place that the protagonist leaves even though he may never be able to find it again.

"Like my father before me, I consider a past
I can't understand
As I grasp for a moment that slips through my hands

And I stumble toward a future, concealed in a haze
Half faith and half fear

And my innocent vision's no longer so clear

I walk on"

Tonio K., "We Walk On"


Allison Kennedy said...

Great wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Church Lady. We'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

WHAT? you're leaving??? you better keep up your blog.

Sarah Bailey said...

How can it be?? LEAVING the LEDGER? Are there any cool people left there?

So, that was a really long blog post. I didn't make it to the end. Do you say where you're going to be working now or is that Super Secret Private Information?

Brad Barnes said...

I didn't say, but it's not super-secret. ... I shouldn't tell you, since you didn't read the whole post, trollop. ... Anyway, I took a writing job in the marketing department at Aflac.

Brad Barnes said...

p.s.: Come *on*. It was five paragraphs instead of the usual three.

Sarah Bailey said...

It's that fourth paragraph that got me. It's reeeeeeally long. I read the first three, then was like, "COME ON!" More pictures, fewer words. And some cheese and doughnuts would be good too. Mmmmmmm... snacks and treats are fun!

gspence said...

wow--good luck with the work move! You'll be missed by your ledger audience.

Brad said...

Bailey, you're crazy. I'm surprised you didn't ask for that nasty dried fruitstuff.