05 September 2008

Palin comparison

Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" has been hammering veep candidate Sarah Palin for claiming her daughter should have the right to make her own choices regarding the girl's illegitimate daughter. AKA, she should have a choice. So it's a great point.

And the fact that it comes from the mouth of a potential rock star ...

... makes it, of course, all the more true.

I hope my wife understands that I love Jon Stewart, with all of my body. Including my pee pee.*

In related news, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford this week did away with a requirement that salon employees receive 1,500 hours of training to shampoo hair, saying, "What we want to do is avoid laws on the books that don't pass the Comedy Central litmus test." Who says the media can't force responsible decision making?
* A phrase stolen from this site.


Anonymous said...

If Palin's daughter marries her boyfriend I don't think the baby will be illegimate,do you? By the way,the vice president nominee more likely to be replaced is Biden.

Brad Barnes said...

And of course they'll marry, now that she's been outed. But whatever. I'm not judging.

The pertinent fact here is that Jon Stewart is a rock star.

Anonymous said...

Biden is an old dried up fart.

Brad said...

Wait, and so what does that have to do with Jon Stewart?