10 September 2008

Picture imperfect

Here's a photo from the Ledger-Enquirer archives. It was provided by Fort Benning, likely from the '50s, but showing soldiers reenacting with what I'd guess is gear from World War I.
I like how they're all wagons-in-a-circle, as if Lou Diamond Phillips there with the bayonet in the front (a.k.a., the red-shirted Star Trek ensign) is actually General Custer in some anachronistic last stand.

My favorite guy is this one, though...
... as he's ready to fire his trusty pistol, should the rifles, cannons, grenade, mortar and, uh, tank fail to fell the enemy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh man! What's that hilariously tacky movie with the scene where the black gangsters are shooting up the store front? After about 100 loud, smoky, powerful Tommy Gun rounds, the other guy lifts his pistol...pow (not even an exclamation point). Another 100 rounds or so...pow...heh, heh, heh