12 March 2011

Willie's Bridge

So here's the deal. I recently uploaded a short story of mine to the Kindle store. Fun times.

I don't have a Kindle. But my wife does. So, in a strange twist, she made me spend a few hours typing in an old story -- it was my first published piece of fiction -- and creating an online account so I could upload it.

So she could buy it for her Kindle.

Yeah, I don't get it either. But it's a pretty good story called "Willie's Bridge," and I designed a cool cover for it. You can buy it here. Please do. And if you like it, pass the word on to your friends. And, turns out you can get the Kindle app for just about anything, from PC to Mac to Droid to iPhone. Just not on the Nook. (Sorry. And B&N doesn't make it easy to self-publish material for their device either, despite their desperate need for income right now.)

I'm working a couple of new pieces right now. A short story and something bigger. The something bigger -- a novella most likely -- will probably see both a digital release and a limited-edition craft printing. Stay tuned for details on that there stuff.